The advantages of removable covers

Renew your space with ease: choose a removable cover sofa from Rosini Home.

Rosini Home's removable cover sofas allow you to change the look of your space at any time, according to different tastes and needs. The leather or fabric upholstery can be easily removed, allowing for thorough cleaning and sanitization of the sofa. Additionally, a removable cover sofa is also an eco-friendly choice: the ability to change the cover allows you to renew the sofa whenever you want, increasing the value of the product over time.

Totally reversible fabric upholstery

In order to make comfort and practicality paramount, Rosini develops fabric sofas with a completely reversible upholstery (except where clearly indicated in the technical sheets). The fabric upholstery is a proper dress independent from the sofa, and it can be removed to be changed or washed any time we want, guaranteeing a high level of hygyne. Underneath the upholstery there is another cotton ‘dress’ which completely envelops the cushions and the structure.

Partially reversible leather upholstery

Rosini’s leather sofas have totally reversible seat cushions (except where clearly indicated in the technical sheets). A great advantage from the point of view of hygyne and maintenance. The reversible leather seat offers the possibility to intervene in cases of cleaning or repairing, even after a long time after the purchase.

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