Our primary aim:
absolute comfort

Always the result of extensive research and constant testing of materials,
our sofas offer comfort and ergonomic experience of the highest level.

CLIMASOFT is a new product that allows the same performance obtained with goose down in terms of softness and breathability. It offers revolutionary comfort and cosiness thanks to a more stable microclimate of the seat cushions.
Created with individually pocketed springs which offer a comfortable seat and assures a high-resistance to flattening over time. The top layer in double-density polyurethane foam (35/40 Kg/mc) contains the springs and keeps the cushion compact.
Created with non deformable 35/40 Kg/mc multi-density polyurethane foam. It is completely covered with an acrylic lap coat. The lower part of the cushion is made with hard polyurethane to give support; the upper part is made with higher density polyurethane but softer to the touch.
This cushion in polyurethane foam with a density of 35 Kg/mc is very elastic and durable. Like all our cushions, it has been put through a strict compression test with 300,000 impacts, corresponding to around 10 years of normal sofa usage
ROSINI sofa cushions are made with sterilised, natural feathers, divided into separate sections and covered with a special breathable cotton lining. To strengthen feather cushions, a non- deformable polyurethane core is inserted to add consistency and elasticity to the whole cushion. This particular cushion has a washable, removable lining and cover.
Created with multi-density polyurethane foam ranging from 20 to 30 Kg/mc, covered with acrylic fibre.
Created by separate sections filled with siliconized flock carded with a particular technique which forms balls. This process makes the flock very soft and non-deformable over time./div>
Both the backrest and the seat cushion are created with separated sections filled with real feather and a polyurethane support which gives consistency.
The seat base structure is made with webbed elastic belts for maximum resistance and stability of the sofa. A 67 mm wide high quality belt is used.
Fabrics used for sofa coverings are always double stitched on their internal edges to give more strength to the seams themselves.
Structure covered wood.
Dear sirs, we would like to incur your attention above this special product “Leather master” in way to feed and clean your leather suite in a very simple way. We are glad to show you the two products you will find inside the box. “Soft cleaner”: this product grants a very careful cleaning both on aniline and on pigmented leather. “Leather cream”: this preservative cream gives to the leather all the grease and the nutritional substances needed to maintain his softness and his beauty. Inside the box we’ll find a sponge, a duster and all the details and specification necessary for a good cleaning. The Rosini customer can buy directly from our enterprise this product at a very special price, but in any case pay a great.
BECAREFUL: For acceding to Warranty, leather has to be exclusively cleaned with Leather Master Cleaning and Protection Kit, proving its purchase with a copy of the original Invoice.
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