ROSINI sofas and chairs are made from a completely in- house controlled production process, managed by the great experience and professionalism of ROSINI human resources. Each phase of production, each step, each single part of the material is in the hands of our expert craftsmen, under the supervision of our production team, aided by latest generation machines. In this way the final result is a concentration of high quality that highlights every single characteristic: structural resistance, long-lasting strength, inner softness, genial technical solutions, unique design. The overall quality of ROSINI sofas and chairs is not only bound to subjective evaluations, but also to numerous strict tests on raw materials, to be certain that we are offering our customers the height of excellence. These tests prove the resistance to the main stress factors, such as high temperatures and rubbing, light and humidity, strong and frequent use. This is what we mean by “quality under control”, one of the most important factors of our success, together with affordable and competitive prices.